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DBT is a type of therapy that helps a person manage emotions and navigate conflicts in a relationship (lover, family, etc.) If you want the technical definition, you can head over to Psychology Today and hear words like “dialectical,” but I don’t know what that word means. So, I’ll give you the real scoop.

You probably have heard about the other therapies, such as CBT (cognitive behavior therapy) or exposure therapy, but DBT is the newest and most satisfying therapy I’ve had. It centers on mindfulness and emotion regulation.

Where it came from

Again, you can click and see the science, blah blah blah…

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Without expectations, you’ll neither have sadness nor happiness. Expectations make you happy, and they make you sad.

For example, you crave a delicious breakfast sandwich from Wendy’s. So you drive over to buy this egg-and-sausage masterpiece. From there, one of two things will happen. Either that sandwich will meet your expectations, or (in most cases) it won’t.

A series of micro unmet expectations lead to various emotions we label as unfavorable: sadness, anger, etc. That’s why happiness is so elusive. It’s impossible to have continuously fulfilled expectations. …

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I learned something important while I was in the mental hospital: there’s a fine line between “us” and “them.” Us, meaning all the crazy people locked up inside, including me. Them, being the people I’d watch outside, driving to Wendy’s for their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I spent a LOT of time looking out that window.

I’m going to tell you some stories about people I met inside. Of course, I’m going to make up everyone’s name except for one: Ryan DeJonghe. We played chess together, we did puzzles together, we walked the halls together, and we did group therapy…

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Here’s the fact that most writers don’t understand: people hate reading. The average person, myself included, would rather watch My Strange Addiction than read your dissertation on gun violence and racism in America. Get over it. Yes, I know: America bad. Blah blah blah. But the bottom line — I hope you realize — is there are other things people enjoy more than reading your content.

Consider this. Last year the best-selling book was Barrack Obama’s A Promised Land, which sold 2.5 million copies. That was DOUBLE the amount of the second-best-selling book, a Twilight book retold in the voice…

Lab grown meat for sale. cultured meat grown in a petri dish
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By 2050 the world’s population will reach 10 billion people, all needing to eat. Today, to feed this growing population, we kill 130 million chickens and 1 million cows daily. But what if we could feed everyone without killing any animals? That’s why Bill Gates and Richard Branson have dumped their money into cultured meat companies like Memphis Meats. However, when will the general public see lab-grown meat for sale?

Let’s unpack everything. First, meat problems, including environmental, health, and violence. Then the solution of this new meat that’s grown in labs. No, this isn’t like the Impossible Burger, which…

Help wanted for 100 stories contest
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In late January, I opened up a contest asking 100 writers to create their own unique version of Sleeping Beauty. Simply put, I was blown away by everyone’s creativity. Yet, I know there’s more.

The contest ran through February. Here are some quick stats:

  • Nearly 50 people signed up.
  • 20 people submitted stories.
  • Thousands saw the contest (thanks to a video ad I posted on Facebook)

Looking back, I learned a few things. First, announcing a contest a few days before it starts isn’t the best way to drive interest. Second, a month maybe too short. …

The pet toothpaste industry is worth $2.2 billion, and cat lovers drive the fastest-growing portion of that. Speaking of cat toothpaste, here are some facts:

  • 95% of humans brush their teeth daily
  • 8% of dog owners brush their dog’s teeth daily
  • 4% of cat owners brush their cat’s teeth daily

But why? Glad you asked. According to Cornell, somewhere between the large difference of 50–90% of cats suffer from either gingivitis, periodontitis, and tooth resorption. Whatever the hell that is.

Energy Healing | Reiki

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Why the fuck would you pay me for a 45-minute guided meditation? Stop. I’m not selling you anything. Instead, I’m dealing with imposter syndrome, and I’m also trying to give you some tools that will make your life better. Plus, do it humorously. Haha, you know? Therefore, here are some free energy tools for healing. By yours truly.

First, I’m not going to require you to do a weird yoga pose for five hours while sipping Yoga(R) tea and rubbing crystals on your genitals. …

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