There’s little difference between you, me, and the crazy people.

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I learned something important while I was in the mental hospital: there’s a fine line between “us” and “them.” Us, meaning all the crazy people locked up inside, including me. Them, being the people I’d watch outside, driving to Wendy’s for their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. …

If you’re stupid enough to try brushing your cat’s teeth, here are some pictures to help you

The pet toothpaste industry is worth $2.2 billion, and cat lovers drive the fastest-growing portion of that. Speaking of cat toothpaste, here are some facts:

  • 95% of humans brush their teeth daily
  • 8% of dog owners brush their dog’s teeth daily
  • 4% of cat owners brush their cat’s teeth daily

Energy Healing | Reiki

Dr. Oz ain’t got shit on me

Image created by author

Why the fuck would you pay me for a 45-minute guided meditation? Stop. I’m not selling you anything. Instead, I’m dealing with imposter syndrome, and I’m also trying to give you some tools that will make your life better. Plus, do it humorously. Haha, you know? Therefore, here are some…

Quiet Cacophony

A lot of noise in a quiet mind.

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